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  • Emily Coggins

Working for the Win: A Review of the Girls Basketball Season

Despite worry that the season would be cut short due to COVID-19, the Athens Academy girls basketball team had an impressive season. The varsity girls team finished the regular season tied for first in their region with a record of 15-4, and even won the regional tournament with a score of 45-35. In addition, the JV girls team finished the season with a record of 10-1.

Overall, the team’s great success can be attributed to their positive attitude on the court. As emphasized by head coach Brian Olson, “We are extremely excited about this basketball season. I truly enjoyed each day with the team, and that is a testament to our players and their character.”

Such strong character and sportsmanship has helped the team win some tough games throughout the season. Olson mentions that there have been several exciting games this season that resulted in big wins for the Spartans.

Photo of India Sheats by Camille Menzies.

“(My) favorite game would be the Tallulah Falls game at our place. The team played really well and fought extremely hard for the win,” said Olson. “I would also say one of the best games for the JV team was at GWA. They have a great JV team, and the toughness and determination we showed was amazing.”

Olson and assistant coach James Banks are proud that the team works well together to accomplish goals and raise each other’s spirits. This team work is what ultimately brought them to win the regional championship for the first time since 2001. And while the coaches are very proud of the team’s hard work and accomplishments, they will miss the exiting seniors, though they are excited for next year.