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Spartans Prepare for Regional Volleyball Tournament

The 2020 season is going very well for the varsity volleyball team. As of Sept. 29, we are 29 and 1 and still going strong. Of the 30 games we’ve played (starting in August), only five have been games with teams in our league. Despite this, we’ve soundly beaten every school in the Clarke-Oconee area, and we are now first in the region. Our team has also pulled off major wins against rivals like Prince Avenue and Apalachee as well as very strong teams like Morgan County. In addition to this, we’ve won most games decisively in two sets, rather than having to go to the tie-breaker third set.

While our team consists of only nine players, this is not a shortcoming. Instead, it results in a tight-knit group with no room for anything but friendship and teamwork. Our only senior, Ali Rumpel, brings great energy to the team, and this enthusiasm is readily held up by the positive attitudes of the four sophomores (Emma Hooper, Mary Miller, Olivia Nealy, and Mara Thomas) and the four juniors (Luisa Bertioli, Mae Kline, Addison Ollendick-Smith, and Peyton Wheeler).

We work hard every day in practice, and it shows in our technique and composure. We’ve held it together through some tough games, and when it comes down to the wire, anyone can see our discipline and talent really show through.

The region tournament starts on October 17, and we are now in the top seed!! This is a really big deal—we are excited to uphold the Spartan volleyball tradition of performing well at State, and hope to go all the way!

Photo of varsity volleyball team. Photo by Mary Kline.