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  • Imana Adogu

Mama Ning’s Thai: An Explosion of Delicious Flavor

On Jan. 29, Mama Ning’s Thai opened up in the heart of Watkinsville. A few Athens Academy juniors, including Luisa Bertioli, Ingrid Nilsson, and Ainslee Stonecipher, have already gotten the chance to try out their food and have had very positive feedback.

Luisa ordered the vegetable massaman curry and thought that it was “delicious.” Her only criticisms were that it was “a little too sweet” and that she “wasn’t a huge fan of the peas,” so she would like to order it without peas if she were to get it again. She ordered this dish at a mild level of spiciness and was happy to find that it wasn’t too spicy. “Overall, it was a solid 9.5 out of 10,” she says.

(Left: Photo of massaman curry, courtesy of Mama Ning's Thai)

Ingrid got an order of vegetable panang curry. She also ordered her dish at a mild level of spiciness, but felt that it was “more similar to medium spicy.” Nonetheless, Ingrid “thoroughly enjoyed” the dish and thought that it had a “very nice blend of flavors.” She also ordered vegetable spring rolls as an appetizer. “This was my favorite part of the meal,” she said, “and the rolls had a great crunch to them.” Ingrid also thought that the sauce that came with the spring rolls was “very tasty.” Overall, Ingrid rated her dish as “a 9 out of 10.”

Lastly, Ainslee had a great experience eating Mama Ning’s chicken pad thai. She loved the way that the carrots were cut and thought that the peanuts on top were “a great touch.” Ainslee also thought that the noodles and chicken were cooked very well and liked the experience of eating this dish, stating that she found it to be “a 10 out of 10.”

(Right: photo of pad thai, courtesy of Mama Ning's Thai)

Mama Ning’s Thai is located on Main Street in Watkinsville and is a short, eight-minute drive from our own Spartan Lane, making it a great option to place a to-go order for lunch during a free period or dinner after a game. You won’t regret it!