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  • Emily Coggins

A Snapshot of Athens Academy

While our school is relatively small, our student body has very diverse hopes for college. Why not capture a glimpse of these aspirations after high school? To see what these college plans are, I sent a questions form to 116 upper school students, and the results varied widely.

First, I asked students where they want to go to college. While this question looms over most high school students, I wanted to get a glimpse of where the members of our school would like to continue their education. The responses were very diverse-- our student body wants to attend school in state (such as UGA and Georgia Tech), out of state (such as UVA and Loyola Chicago), and even abroad! Students showed interest in schools such as McGill, in Canada, and Oxford, in England. Additionally, even more students mentioned interest in possibly studying abroad for a semester in college.

“I have always loved to travel, and I think that living in another country would be a fantastic opportunity,” said junior Elizabeth Marx.

Imana Adogu, who is also considering applying to colleges abroad, said, “I've never lived anywhere other than Athens, so the thought of going to Canada for college is so exciting to me!”

The next topic I brought up was college majors. Many students do not know what they want their major to be, and they long to explore options in college before settling on a field of study. However, other students know their passion and are ready to delve into it in college. When I asked whether or not students knew what they wanted their major to be, the responses were half and half. 52.6% of them said that they do know what they want their major to be, but 47.4% said they did not yet know.

With this being said, I thought I should ask the students who had found their passion what they planned to major in. The responses were, again, varied, and many interesting majors were mentioned. The answers ranged from neuroscience and pediatrics to business, showing the expansive interests of our student body.

Mae Kline, class of 2022, mentioned that she would like to major in “some type of engineering, like either mechanical or civil or electrical or aerospace.” Many other students with similar interests in science and math fields felt similarly to Kline regarding majors, knowing a field of interest but not a specific major. Other students have aspirations to major in English and writing areas. Another student said that she wants to “be an art major and do special effects with film making.”

Overall, the students of Athens Academy seem to be excited about college and are preparing to study a variety of subjects which will lead them to numerous jobs with a large impact beyond school.