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  • Mai Miyashita

What Students Can Do While Sheltering in Place this Summer

Due to coronavirus, students have had to cancel their summer plans such as vacations and college tours. But still, there are a lot of ways to make the summer productive and enjoyable. Since students are not allowed to travel around, it is a great time for them to build up their skills and to participate in activities to prepare for next year.

Taking an online class is one of the good options. By taking online classes during summer break, students can avoid the summer learning gaps. For example, K12 provides a lot of options, including free summer programs in business and marketing, healthcare, and coding.

If students want to be involved in summer camps, Athens Academy will be offering several. Because of the current circumstances, “Athens Academy completely flipped all of the summer offerings from nearly 50 in-person camps to about 30 virtual camps,” said Pat Cuneo, director of academic affairs and summer programs.

He also said that “the most popular camps for Upper School students are ACT and SAT prep led by Mr. (Daniel) West as well as the College Application Essay Workshop led by Ms. (Kate) Towery and Ms. (Katherine) Evans.”

Students can also sign up for virtual camps at UGA, which cover areas like STEM, art, college prep, and career prep.

There is also an option to be involved in virtual volunteering. For example, there is a virtual volunteering program called Words of Thanks, where people write letters to healthcare workers.

This year it is especially important to find fun, productive ways to fill the summer months. Fortunately, there are many different options for students.