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  • Brent Chandler

Golden Sun: A Meal Meant for Midas

Plate of orange sesame chicken from Golden Sun in Athens, GA. Photo by Tracy A. from Tripadvisor.

When picking a restaurant for my food review, I wondered what type of restaurant would be appealing to a student during quarantine. Burgers, tacos, and pasta all went through my head when thinking of possible dishes, yet none of them seemed especially appealing to an audience. Then it hit me: what if I did a restaurant that Athens Academy could relate to more, or where an Athens Academy family works? Thus, I found myself outside Golden Sun one rainy night.

Being in quarantine, I was not able to sit down, or even see the inside of the restaurant, yet the service I received over the phone was optimal. I placed a big order for my family, and the staff was patient, respectful, and didn’t miss a beat, which must have been hard at eight o’clock at night.

Golden Sun is located on Lexington Road on the east side in Athens, so it was about a twenty minute drive for me. It was dark and raining, like a night for a noir detective. Golden Sun had a neon yellow sun for a sign, shining like a beacon as I arrived outside the restaurant. My good friend and fellow Athens Academy student Nick Xie surprised me by handing me the food himself, and I drove home to eat.

I began my large meal starting with juicy strips of sesame chicken slathered in a tangy orange sauce and topped with a collection of white sesame seeds. Every bite left my mouth watering for more, a craving that remains even while I’m writing this.

Next were the large dumplings with steaming, scrumptious pork, complemented by soft bread that was warm like a campfire. The rich sauce that came with the dumplings provided a welcome sour taste to the dish as well. Xie’s father developed the recipes for all the items on the menu, and the dishes I sampled were excellent, unique takes on Chinese cuisine.

Overall, Golden Sun gets a perfect score from me. But what is really important is supporting local businesses, especially during these strange times. Unfortunately, the Xie family had to close their dine-in service. On the bright side, according to Xie their takeout and delivery services have “been fortunate to receive a lot of business.” If you want to support Golden Sun and other local restaurants, visit Classic City Love. “Flagpole” also has a guide to local options for pick-up, curbside, and delivery.