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  • Sofia Dean and Kate Sullivan

MS Sparbots Ends Successful Season

The fifth/sixth grade Sparbots team works on their robot. Photo by Mike Callinan.

The fifth/sixth grade Sparbots team just wrapped up a successful season! They were one of four Sparbot teams to compete in the First LEGO League Regional Tournament where they had to fix a problem using technology.

Their problem to fix was transportation. The team created a hyperloop transportation system called Sparloop that helps solve many of the difficulties of transportation such as traffic, car accidents, speed, and other obstacles. The Sparloop goes from Atlanta to Athens, and it uses magnets to transport people very quickly without using greenhouse gases. Riley Harding, a sixth grader who is a member of the team, said the most difficult part of practicing and competing is getting everyone on the team to behave!

The fifth/sixth grade Sparbots team advanced to the First LEGO League Super-Regional Competition, but unfortunately they had a problem with their robot. Harding said, “[Our robot] started spinning in circles. We turned it off and back on and it started working. Then we turned it on when the robot run [a timed competition to perform as many motions as possible] started and the robot started spinning in circles again. Then we had to turn it back off and back on and it took like a minute.” Although the fifth/sixth grade Sparbots team did not make it to state this year, they still had a very successful season!