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  • Charlotte Luke

This Year’s Spring Play Written by Students

Members of the Theater Department work on writing their scenes for the upcoming play. Photo by Charlotte Luke.

This winter, members of the Upper School Theater Department have embarked upon a new challenge: writing their own play. The play, whose official title is yet to be determined, retells three Greek myths about Persephone, Eurydice, and Artemis reclaiming control of their circumstances after experiencing manipulation or abuse. The Athens Academy students tasked with writing the play divided themselves among the principal characters: Hilary Adams, Mary Brooke Barber, and Moira Lockwood are writing Persephone’s scenes; Ann Harper Covington and Jessica Ford are at work on Eurydice; and Eleanor Connolly and An’an Shen are in charge of Artemis’s scenes.

The playwrights enlisted the help of Samantha Provenzano, who recently directed Gimme Please! at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, to craft their scenes. Samantha FaceTimes the group every week and leads creative workshops with the writers, and on Feb. 8 the group would have traveled to the Alliance Theatre to view its production of Maybe Happy Ending. (The visit was canceled due to snow.)

Moira Lockwood, a veteran in the Theater Department, says the writing process has been remarkably smooth. “Since we have our own female character that is assigned to us, it’s much easier to write because you get used to that character, you get used to the other characters that are in that story, and then it makes the process a lot faster.” In fact, Lockwood says that almost all the writers have finished first drafts of their scenes, and once they receive feedback from the group, the writers will begin revising.

Auditions will take place after school on Feb. 27 and 28 with a preparatory workshop on Feb. 26. All students are welcome to audition, and all members of the Athens Academy community and the public are invited to see the show when it opens in April.