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  • Charlotte Luke

Meet Four Full-Time Spartans with Part-Time Jobs

Carina Maffett stands in front of the holiday display at Plato’s Closet. Photo by Charlotte Luke.

Carina Maffett (’20) works at Plato’s Closet, a trendy second-hand clothing store on Atlanta Highway, where her job often involves inspecting and tagging new items, placing clothes on the rack, and taking back stock. Though her schedule changes from week to week, Carina usually works on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. (Weekday shifts are six hours, and weekend shifts are seven.) Before she was hired at Plato’s Closet, Carina worked at IHOP for three weeks, which “was the worst thing I’ve ever done,” she said. She appreciates that Plato’s Closet trains their employees “over a large period of time, whereas at IHOP I had four days of training, two hours each, and I learned nothing.” When asked about the perks of her new job, Carina responded that she gets a discount on clothes, so “as I’m working I’m shopping for myself.”

Anna Hollis (’20) has worked at Planet Smoothie on Oconee Connector since June. During her six-hour shifts, Anna especially enjoys trying samples of the smoothies she makes, and she’s also entitled to a free smoothie each shift. Her least-favorite task is “definitely washing dishes because it takes forever and it’s boring,” but at least the smoothies are fun to make. Her favorite? Mountain man crunch, because “I like adding the granola.”

At left: Anna Hollis makes a smoothie at Planet Smoothie. Photo by Charlotte Luke.

Kamara Adogu (’20) teaches trapeze classes to children at Canopy Studios, and she also gives private lessons to individuals with special needs before helping them transition to regular class settings. She teaches three classes on Saturday and one on Sunday, but because she often substitutes for other instructors, her work schedule varies by week. Canopy Studios is like a second home to Kamara, who started attending summer camps there when she was three. After more than a decade as a camper and student, she developed close relationships with her Canopy instructors, who are now her colleagues. As an instructor herself, Kamara enjoys “getting really close to the kids,” many of whom she has taught consecutively for years.

Trevor Bone (’20) started at Little Caesars Pizza in Monroe about a month ago. Trevor said he chose to work at Little Caesars because “it’s close to home, they have a pretty flexible schedule, and I love pizza more than anyone on campus.” Fortunately, Trevor does get “a lot of free pizza,” and he also enjoys spending time with his coworkers, who attend schools “all over the area.” Because Trevor has track practice on weekdays, he usually works eight to ten hours on weekends, and overall he describes his job as “fun” and “enjoyable.”