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  • Ingrid Nilsson

Spanish Club Supports Costa Rican Nonprofit

A high school group works with Siempre Amigos. Photo by Gabby Mattes.​

While many nonprofit organizations successfully earn national publicity and funding through advertising, many other organizations work on smaller scales to help people. One such organization is Siempre Amigos: Programa de Responsabilidad Social y Ambiental, a nonprofit based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Siempre Amigos works to build and refurbish homes for low-income families in rural areas of Guanacaste.

In addition to local volunteers, Siempre Amigos relies on international high school students who stay in local villages. Over the summer, Kamara Adogu and Ingrid Nilsson volunteered with a group to build a new home for an impoverished family in Lorena, Guanacaste. The family’s father had passed away, and the oldest brother, who was responsible for his younger siblings and cousins, was paralyzed in an accident. The group worked on building handrails, wider doorways, and a garden to create a handicap-accessible home.

This January, Athens Academy’s Spanish Club will host an international awareness lunch to support Siempre Amigos’ mission. All donations given at the lunch will go toward providing proper shelter in the Guanacaste area.