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Robotics Program Continues to Grow & Improve

Athens Academy’s most advanced upper school robotics team, Team 2858.

This year’s robotics season is different from the past years. It is the first time that Athens Academy is sending three teams, two from upper school and one from middle school, to competitions. Members of the most advanced upper school team, Team 2858, are taking AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) along with Advanced Robotics. This way, students can apply what they are learning in AP CSP to program their robot and get hands-on engineering experience.

Although this is the first year for most of the team members from the two upper school teams, they are doing well so far. Team 2858 placed third overall in their most recent match, and the other upper school team placed fourth overall against 14 teams, including Oconee, North Oconee, and Clarke Central. The teams are now beginning to prepare for their last qualifying match in December and their region championship coming up in January.

Besides all the hard work that robotics students have done in their classes, they are also committed to sharing the fun of robotics, particularly with younger kids. On Nov. 22, the two upper school teams made a presentation to the lower school explaining robotics, showing the hardware and software parts of their robot, and talking about this year’s competition. The lower schoolers all loved the presentation and were very curious about the robot, as they asked a lot of interesting questions about the motors, the wheels, and the code at the end of the presentation.

The robotics program has become an essential part of the Athens Academy community over the years. Starting from a single middle school First Lego League robotics team to 10 total robotics teams across 12 grades, the program has developed tremendously due to the efforts of Mr. Callinan, Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Lockwood, and Mrs. Cato. Now, the success of the robotics program has helped make Athens Academy one of the top 500 STEM high schools according to Newsweek magazine and the second-best STEM high school in the state of Georgia. The robotics teams look forward to another great season this year!