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Sean Crawford on Connecting with Others

“Everyone, I feel, can connect in some way,” said Mr. Sean Crawford, the Facilities Event and Custodial Coordinator at Athens Academy. “People just need to take the time to try and branch out.” The branches of Mr. Crawford’s life extend in numerous directions, through which he connects with diverse groups.

Mr. Crawford’s job allows him to interact and connect with students on campus. First introduced to Athens Academy in 2015 by his friend Mr. Jeff Raymond, the current facilities management coordinator, Mr. Crawford now manages custodial personnel and event accommodations. When asked what his favorite part of the job is, he responded, “It’s probably that it’s never repetitive…When I come in I don’t really know how the day’s going to go or what we’re going to do.” Mr. Crawford’s position also allows him to directly engage with students. “I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity here at Athens Academy to where I can help coach the 8th grade [basketball] team and also play with the upper school guys whenever they have open gyms. So my job here and how I interact with students was more than I expected to.”

Before Mr. Crawford came to Athens Academy, he worked in the military for a number of years. Mr. Crawford joined the army in 2007 and did his training at Fort Benning. He then transferred to Fort Hood in Texas, where he did six years of active duty and three deployments. As a member of the Army Reserves drill unit in Athens, Mr. Crawford continues to train regularly while balancing his career with family. While in the military, Mr. Crawford learned many valuable lessons and made many connections. “I had a platoon sergeant named Sergeant Bloodworth who was by the book the way he carried himself. He set the bar as far as what leadership should look like and was influential for me.” Mr. Crawford still tries to emulate Sargent Bloodworth’s positive mentality and ethical standards.

Most importantly, Mr. Crawford has strong connections to his family. With two four-year-olds at Athens Academy, Mr. Crawford finds his free time filled with family activity. He delights in his twins’ differing personalities and tries to support them in all of their activities, just like his father did for him. “My dad was a big influence for me, he was a really positive person, he worked really hard, and he made childhood really fun for me. I feel like I try to emulate that with my kids and have as much fun as I can with them when I have enough energy and they allow me to sleep.” Mr. Crawford enjoys sharing these experiences with his wife, and he feels fortunate to have witnessed a strong example of a positive marriage as a child. “My dad and my mom had a really good relationship so that is something I aspire to with my own marriage.”

Throughout Mr. Crawford’s life, he has interacted with various groups and connected with countless people through his involvement on campus, his military service, and his family. Mr. Crawford’s philosophy of branching out, connecting with people, and enjoying the simple moments are important lessons for Athens Academy students.