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  • Caroline Edwards

Be Loud, Be Proud: Interviews with 12th Man

Athens Academy students cheer on the football team at Slaughter Field. Photo by Anna Rutledge.

Caroline Edwards met with 12th Man leader Georgia Parris to discuss this year’s school spirit initiatives.

Caroline: What do you think about the school spirit so far this football, volleyball, and cross country season?

Georgia: I am really excited about the work that the seniors have been doing to improve school spirit around campus. I think that the students have done a great job this fall getting excited about athletic events. And we can’t forget about the cheerleaders and the great work they do to get the crowd more involved at football games and pep rallies. I can’t wait to see what they do during the winter season.

Caroline: How can we improve?

Georgia: We definitely still have room to improve in making sure all sports are represented. Everyone be sure to check @acadstudentlife or the ACAD Daily ( for updates on all fall sports. Come to as many events as possible and make sure to be loud because all of the athletes really appreciate it. Go Spartans and go bananas!

Caroline also asked Butler Adams, a cheerleader and 12th man participant, to about her take on the fall sports season so far.

Caroline: As a cheerleader, how do you feel about the atmosphere in the student section during cross country, volleyball, and football so far this fall sports season?

Butler: I’ve never seen a student section be so energetic, even when the football games aren’t competitive. Also, I’ve seen a lot of people come out to cross country and volleyball which I’ve never seen before so it is great to see increasing support for a variety of sports.

Caroline: Are there ways we as a student body can improve?

Butler: While the seniors are being very spirited, I encourage the underclassmen to participate in the festivities. Please.