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  • Charlotte Luke

Rare Students Actually Productive Over Summer

Photo of Nicholas Stachura by Jeff Raymond.

Nicholas Stachura worked part-time on Athens Academy’s Maintenance Crew, logging a total of 110 hours. His jobs included pressure washing 80% of campus, by his estimate, replacing the linoleum floors of the Science and Art building, and cleaning carpets; he also spent eight hours spreading mulch outside of Lampkin by himself, the most difficult task of his summer. Nicholas is proudest of helping two Monsignor Donovan teachers load heavy objects, donated to them by Ms. Thompson, into a van. He says, “They couldn’t pick them up and I was just driving by in the golf cart and I was like, ‘Here, I can help you.’ And then they sent me a thank-you email and Jeff Raymond was pretty happy; that was probably the best part [of my job].”

Celeste Covington worked on her cousin’s cattle farm in Madison, GA, which produces grass-fed beef. During the week, Celeste did odd jobs around the barn, and on Saturdays she sold beef at the West Broad Farmers Market. “I had no idea [the Farmers Market] even happened and how big of a thing it was, and it was really cool to get to know the other vendors,” Celeste says. The only downside to her job was the commute: she drove 40 minutes to the farm and 40 minutes back, so she “had to stay out there a long time to make it worth it.”

Catie Elder worked full-time at the Dawg House, a grooming and boarding facility for dogs and cats located on Old Macon Highway. Though Catie spent most of her 8-hour days washing dogs, she especially enjoyed moments just “hanging out” with the animals. In case you were wondering, Catie says the most difficult dogs to bathe are German Shepherds (they “freak out”), Shih Tzus (they bite), and Chihuahuas (they “poop on you”).

Photos of dogs by Catie Elder.