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  • Landrum Brown

Over Interim Week, Sophomores Learn They Must Go to College

Sophomores at the Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle, GA. Photo by Jami Cashin.

As sophomores, we traveled to a few different colleges around the state of Georgia with some fun activities in between. The colleges we visited included Georgia Tech, the University of Georgia, and Georgia College. At Georgia Tech, students took an admissions tour and learned about the academic aspects of Georgia Tech. We learned about what makes up a good transcript and what admissions officers look for in an application. At UGA, we took a student life tour rather than admissions tour, so we learned about what UGA offers outside of academic life, such as clubs and intramural sports. At Georgia College, we learned what a liberal arts school really means and took a tour of the beautiful campus.

I really enjoyed Interim Week because of the time we got to spend with close friends and all of the fun activities we got to do in between the many college visits. One of my favorite activities was going to a Braves game. We all got to just sit down, watch the game, have fun with friends, and not worry about school. Another fun activity was eating lunch at Ponce City Market. The market had so many different food options for all of us to enjoy, like burgers, pizza, and even sushi. Overall we had a great time and can’t wait for next year’s Interim Week!