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  • Annie Luke

Middle School Fashion: Uniform Style

Sofia Dean (left) and Riley Harding (right), sixth grade, demonstrate their personal styles. Photo by Charlotte Luke.

Annie Luke: What is the trendiest outfit of the new school year?

Sofia Dean: Definitely plaid [skirt] and a green shirt.

Annie: What top do you wear to pull off a plaid skirt?

Penn Davis and Bay Williams: Anything because plaid goes with everything. And make sure you have Teleties, too.

Annie: How do you think fashion will progress throughout the year?

Sofia Dean: Why does it need to progress? We’re already so fashionable.

Annie: What is your personal style?

Riley Harding: Gotta wear the plaid skirt, and with a sweatshirt. Even if it’s in 90 degree weather, you have to have a sweatshirt. And you have to wear a top knot because top knots are necessities.

The concensus: If you aren’t wearing plaid uniform bottoms, what are you wearing?