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US Girls' Soccer Update

Alyssa Baugh strikes the ball. All photos taken by Matthew Caldwell for Online Athens at the Athens Academy vs. Walnut Grove soccer game.

This season we have faced the same challenge that every team faces at the beginning of the season: team chemistry. We have many new additions to the team this year, and we initially struggled to work together, but have been overcoming this issue.

This year’s team is very different from the past teams, as we are focusing more on possessing the ball and moving as a team. It is so exciting to see the team come together more and more each game. In my opinion the 8-1 win against Walnut Grove has been our best game so far. They were a talented team, but we played so well together and the goals came naturally. Beating Prince was also an exciting time this season, because we know that beating us is always one of their goals.

Greer and Taylor try to beat a Walnut Grove player to the ball.

It hasn’t yet hit me that my eleven years of playing soccer are coming to an end, but I can’t wait to see where the rest of this season goes, because this team has the talent and skill to be so great!

Riley Friesen heads the ball.