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  • Ethan Chambers

"The Water Bearer": Poem Horoscope for Aquarius

Drawing of Aquarius (known as “the water bearer”) by Johannes Hevelius, a 17th-century astronomer.

The Water Bearer

Oh mermaid,

with water gushing from your infinite jug.

Drown the world with your eccentricities.

You who ride not on water

but transient fleeting winds that carry you

into the abyss of the unknown.

Oh how we long to reel you in

to share your well of wisdom.

Sprinkle your drops so that we may catch them,

attempting to hold on as they slide through our fingertips.

Water the soil.

Extinguish the roaring flames.

Add a drop to the pools of others like you.

Fear not of burdening those similar.

For your waters are not heavy

they lighten the gravity on whoever they may absorb

carrying them into the arms of the beta Aquarii.