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  • Ingrid Nilsson

Interview with Staff Member Mr. Avila

Mr. Jorge Avila (right, in front of Lower School’s Barrett Hall) is no stranger to hard work. Since coming to Athens Academy three years ago, Mr. Avila has spent his days working on maintenance jobs in the morning, serving lunch to the lower school around noon, and cleaning the Bertelsmann building in the afternoon and evenings. After a long day at work, Mr. Avila goes home to his wife and two daughters, where he is so tired he just “goes to sleep.” Even in his free time, he works hard to keep his house running by replacing the floors and doing his own maintenance. Mr. Avila learned to work hard from his mother, who taught him to rely on himself and taught him that work is required to make anything true to life.

While such long days would make many people grumpy and unpleasant, Mr. Avila always manages to be cheerful and helpful throughout the day. Driven by his compassion for the students, Mr. Avila strives to make Athens Academy a happy environment for students and other staff on campus. “My hope is to let the students have fun, and for them to feel comfortable with me...I want to have fun with them so they can feel secure with me,” Mr. Avila stated when asked what he hoped his influence was teaching the students.

However, while Mr. Avila wants student to enjoy the beautiful campus, there are some things students could change to make his job easier. Many students have a habit of eating in classrooms and the library, not realizing that the trash they leave behind prevents many staff members from going home to see their families early. By respecting the campus’s eating rules and cleaning up trash, students can help prevent rodents and allow Mr. Avila to go home earlier. If we all pitch in, not only will Mr. Avila’s life become a little easier, but our own experiences on campus will improve.