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  • Eleanor Connolly

Fashion Q&A with Ethan Chambers

Eleanor: Name 3 things that best represent your style.

Ethan: Japanese fashion, witchcraft, being cold.

Eleanor: Where do you shop?

Ethan: Target and online.

Eleanor: What is your opinion on changing styles?

Ethan: I’m all for changing styles. You’ll see me go from pastel pink to cult leader in 2.5 seconds.

Eleanor: What is your favorite fabric/design?

Ethan: I love a good flannel!

Eleanor: Your makeup is always on point with your outfit. What advice do you have on picking good makeup brands and mixing up makeup styles?

Ethan: I live and die by Anastasia Beverly Hills, BUT I know how expensive it can be so I recommend getting some NYX eye shadow palettes. Sorry to pull a James Charles but I also recommend getting some Morphe brushes because they are honestly high quality and super cheap. All you really need is the M510 and the M433 and you’ll be good. One last thing: don’t be afraid of wearing weird colors! I live and die by a good bright red eye shadow.