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  • Ethan Chambers

November 2018 Horoscopes


(Mar 21 - Apr 19)

It seems that the major focus of your November will be relationships and

interpersonal connections. Charging ahead at the speed of light

shouldn’t be part of your plans this November. Your ruling planet, Mars,

aligns with your cycle and enters Scorpio, which indicates that rather

than getting things done alone, you may have more fun aligning with


One last thing: Embrace your inner feminine powers!


(Apr 20 - May 20)

Remember the story of Ferdinand, that one bull that was really chill?

That is, until he sat on a bumblebee and went off to fight everyone in

Madrid. Yeah… well… that’s gonna be you for the entirety of this month.

Sorry, Taurus. It’s not all bad, though! You normally avoid confrontation at

all costs, but that very well might be what you need to maintain actually

healthy relationships.

One last thing: Now is the time face your greatest fears!


(May 21 - June 20)

Pluto, the planet of power, has been directly opposite your sun in Gemini, meaning you’ve found yourself having to surrender lately. If this intense energy feels like it has been taking a toll on your health, begin to evaluate what you’ve been eating, how much sleep you’re getting, and if you are exercising right. Plant the seeds of renewal at the upcoming New Moon!

One last thing: If you can harness your raw strength and sharp mind, victory will be yours!


(Jun 21 - Jul 22)

Up until now you’ve had major lessons in self-parenting and self-nurturing. Don’t skip out on it now, moon child! You are just as capable of abandoning yourself as anyone else is. Remember, a playpen is an appropriate, safe structure to protect a child, but that same playpen is confining and restrictive to an adult. Saturn’s message is that you have what it takes to be your own mommy and daddy.

One last thing: Do a little exploring! Whether or not that is self-exploration or literal exploration is up to you.


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

While you are normally gregarious, fun-loving and outgoing by nature, you may be feeling more private, withdrawn, introspective and reflective. November is the time to entertain yourself in the privacy of your home and celebrate your inner life. It would be good to begin a project in your home so that you have a physical outlet for the powerful energy of Mars.

One last thing: You may begin to feel powerless and trapped, but know that the only thing keeping you prisoner is yourself.


(Aug 23 - Sep 22)

For the last year, you expanded on every level possible. Mercury, your guardian angel planet, leaves the focused and determined Scorpio energy and journeys into optimistic, exuberant, enthusiastic Sagittarius. The message of Mercury in Sagittarius is to lighten up, Virgo!

One last thing: Now is the time to turn over a new leaf, but remember that you can’t change if you don’t make the effort to do so.


(Sep 23 - Oct 22)

You’re having the time of your life now, aren’t you, oh lover of relationships, teamwork and cooperation, with Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, traveling in your sign. If you’re cashing in now, it’s because you deserve it.

One last thing: You are currently being deceived by someone hiding right under your nose! It might be Virgo, but you didn’t hear it from me...


(Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Happy birth month, Scorpio! This is your month of rebirth, healing, regeneration, and maximum intensity, dear Scorpio. Whether you express the scorpion, snake, or phoenix/eagle energy of Scorpio is up to you to decide. And this November is particularly powerful for you as Mars, your guardian angel planet of desire and action, joins the Sun in Scorpio.

One last thing: New opportunities will begin presenting themselves to you! Your current dreams and desires will be realized!


(Nov 22 - Dec 21)

There’s always the potential for lots of behind-the-scenes activity in November, dear Archer, as the Scorpio planets bring you dreams, inspiration, spirituality, and your unconscious. Wherever you need clarity and direction in your life, ask for answers in your dreams, especially around the New Moon.

One last thing: It might be time to pay more attention to your school work, Sagittarius. If you don’t start now, it might begin to pile up, but if you do start now you’ll be met with new achievements.


(Dec 22 - Jan 19)

As the Lord of Karma backtracks in your partnership house, take a long hard look at the quality of your relationships, both personal and public, and if they are pulling their weight. This is a great time to set boundaries and ask for what you want. And be prepared that your partners will be letting you know, in no uncertain terms, what they need from you.

One last thing: For some reason, you are either starting to doubt yourself or, instead of getting the recognition you expected, you are being punished.


(Jan 20 - Feb 18)

You may feel like you’re waking up after a long sleep as Uranus, your guardian angel planet of awakening, breakthrough, and rebellion, moves forward again on the 11th after its 5 month tailspin. It’s time for magic in your career this month as the Scorpio planets travel in your 10th house.

One last thing: You may be facing obstacles and delays in your ascension. Just try not to get frustrated!


(Feb 19 - Mar 20)

You are in a creative re-awakening and are coming into your own. The dazzling planet Uranus puts you at the center of divine change, which may also feel like your own personal revolution so that you can discover the real you. Reinvent yourself and revise your personal life itinerary.

One last thing: Conflict and rivalry will ensue, and everything between you and your rival will be seen as a competition.