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  • Anannya Das

Newark to Singapore is New Longest Flight

This is the new Ultra Long Range version of the A350-900, which flies from Newark to Singapore.

We have advanced considerably since the first airplane created in Kitty Hawk North Carolina. We initially used planes as a means of advancing the military, but eventually it was used for commercial purposes. For the past 100 years, the flights that we have created have progressively gotten longer: the first transcontinental flight was in 1911 and the first transatlantic flight was in 1938. Flights got longer, but we hadn’t achieved the biggest feat yet, creating a non-stop flight to the other side of the world, until this year. 2018 will forever be known as the the year that the first non-stop flight from Newark to Singapore occurred. But how did this amazing feat occur?

The 9,534 mile flight from Newark to Singapore was an engineering accomplishment. Engineers, pilots, air-flight coordinators, and aeronautics officers were consulted to find the most viable means of achieving this feat. They had three options from which to choose from: heading east across the Atlantic, west across the Pacific, or north to the North pole and down the other side. Of the three options, all working on the massive project decided on the safest route as well as one with the most favorable winds. This ended up being the flight to the North Pole and down again. This was very different than other flights, since instead of going with the Earth’s rotation, it was going north to south.

Sautéed prawns on a quinoa salad, one of the meals offered on the flight.

The biggest problem with long flights is fatigue. Pilots get fatigued after flying for hours on end, but passengers get tired too. For pilots, flying planes for more than 12 hours can be extremely tiring, as they have to be on high alert the entire time they fly. Most cockpits have 2 or more pilots: one who flies during takeoff and during the first part of the trip, the second who flies for 12 hours and the first pilot finishes the flight. This keeps the pilots sharp and clear minded during the flight. On the other hand, passengers get fatigued from idling for hours on end. The way to combat this is by giving scheduled meals, snacks and games, as well as movies. Meals are scheduled around the time of when you would eat at the destination, snacks are given at timed intervals in between meals, and games are on the TV set on the back of the seat in front of you.

This flight has been modern in many ways; it is one of the first flights going through the North pole as well as the longest non-stop flight in the world. Flights are modernizing, and soon the need for any connecting flights will be diminished, as these new non-stop flights may be extremely tiring, but they are quicker and cost-efficient.