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  • Eleanor Connolly

Cookie's Cleanup Crew

After night of cheering on the Spartans at a home football game, the bleachers are known to be messy and filled with trash. Candy wrappers, Coke bottles, and debris from costumes that the students wear cover the bleachers. Ms. Towery, during one of last year’s games, was unsettled by the mess left when she noticed how the groundskeepers were cleaning the student section after their long days of working outside. She decided she would bring up the issue in advisory to her students, and as a group they decided to take action by establishing Cookie’s Cleanup Crew, named after one of her advisees, Jack Cook. They have decided to participate in cleaning up after certain events, specifically football games.

This year after the first home game, Graham Blanks, David Stachura, Sammy Omer, Jack Cook, Nicholas Statura, and Samuel Pittard helped to clean up the student section. Speaking about his experience on Cookie’s Cleanup Crew after the football game, Graham Blanks says it was “wholesome” and he is “very proud of Jack Cook’s leadership and growth in the project this year.” The group hopes to perform more service to the school throughout the year, and all people are welcome to participate, even if they aren’t part of the Towery advisory. If you have an interest in joining the group, please email Kate Towery at