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  • by Jocelyn Weiner

The 7th Grade DC Trip had Everything, From Wig Makers to Memorials

Recently, everyone in the middle school enjoyed Middle School Trip Week! I am Jocelyn from the seventh grade, and I went to Washington DC. We left early on the 15th. We boarded the bus and headed towards Duke. We met someone who went to Athens Academy and went to Duke after she graduated. We all went inside Duke’s Cathedral. It was gorgeous. Then we took a short walk on campus, and found any Duke fan’s paradise. The gift shop!

After Duke, we drove on for many hours. Later that night, we arrived at Colonial Williamsburg. We stayed on the bus for a while longer, then we got assigned our rooms. Beware future interior decorators: the wallpaper will make you gag. In the morning, we got up and we went to explore Williamsburg. We went to see the town house. After exploring the town house, we went and saw the shops. We saw a tin smith, a wig maker, and more! Then we drove on to DC.

That day we got to see Mount Vernon, the Jefferson Memorial and the World War Ⅱ Memorial. We went to our hotel rooms and retired for the night. Luckily, the wallpaper was much better. On Tuesday, we went to The Vietnam Memorial, the Einstein Memorial, the US Capitol, the White House, and the Holocaust Museum. At the Capitol, we had some luck and got to see the vice president enter the Capitol.

On Wednesday, we saw the Korean Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the FDR Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. We also saw the National Museum of American History and the African American History Museum. At the National Museum of American History, we saw things from Indiana Jones’ hat and whip to the first ladies’ dresses. At the African American History Museum, we explored things like a Jackson 5 outfit and interactive games. Both were really fun. Later, we got to go on a cruise for dinner. Bring your dance shoes!

Lastly, on Thursday, we went to the Air Force Memorial, the Iwo Jima Memorial, and Arlington Cemetary. At Arlington, we saw the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The very last museum we went to was a choice between going to the Air and Space Museum, or the Natural History Museum. At the Air and Space Museum, you can ride stimulators and go see real rockets. At the Natural History Museum, you could see the Hope Diamond. It is worth $200-$250 million. Everyone has good things to say about the trip. I hope that when others go on the trip, they will to