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  • Ingrid Nilsson

Mr. Nunn on Work Ethic, the Outdoors, and Living in the Moment

Mr. Jeremy Nunn, the maintenance and grounds coordinator at Athens Academy, remembers being a student. “I remember the days were too long and I was inside for too long. I always was looking out the window and wanting to go outside and do something,” he said. Today, Mr. Nunn still enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. On weekends, he can be found standing in the cold streams of the Georgia mountains, skillfully fly-casting into the water, waiting for trout to bite. “It’s a lot of fun. I do it any time I can.”

In fact, Mr. Nunn’s appreciation for nature led him to his current position at Athens Academy. In 2013, he was working at a plant nursery when Acad offered him this position. He accepted and today his favorite part of the job is being able to spend hours outdoors in the nice weather. Mr. Nunn takes care of the campus’s landscape, athletic fields, and irrigation system, though occasionally he works indoors as well.

Taking care of our campus, Mr. Nunn encounters some unique challenges. He recalls digging up water lines in the summer heat to repair the irrigation system. When such challenges occur, he tries to mirror his father’s work ethic. “I admire my dad because he’s such a hard worker. He always manages to get everything taken care of. I always strive to be like him when it comes to work.”

Another challenge that Mr. Nunn faces is picking up trash on campus. He mentioned that if students would make an effort to pick up litter and remember to clean up after themselves, then his time would be less divided. He hopes the work he does affects how the students look at their environment. He said, “I hope to teach the students respect for the environment and appreciation for nature.”

Mr. Nunn believes in living in the moment. He said, “Sometimes you look back and enjoy life but you should have enjoyed it while it was going on.” He aims to enjoy each moment, whether he’s making our campus beautiful or fly fishing in a cold mountain stream.