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  • Abigail Springer

Have You Considered Vacationing in Your Own Hometown?

Usually, one doesn’t think of their own hometown as being a place to go to on vacation. I’ve lived in Athens, Georgia all my life and while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here, I feel like many never get to experience Athens at her best.

Most locals will avoid the downtown area during football season because of the crowds, causing them to miss out on an experience of a lifetime: looking out over a sea of visiting sports fans and Athenians alike and being able to feel the camaraderie by just walking down the street. Athens, like other towns in the South East, is the location of a major college. The University of Georgia’s football games never fail to bring in large crowds that are full of locals and new faces from other colleges. Due to these large crowds, Athens is well equipped to entertain, whether it be shopping, concerts, or restaurants. With stores such as Cheeky Peach, Fabri’k, and the Impeccable Pig, Athens has become a fashion hot spot for surrounding counties and towns.

The music scene has been a major selling point of Athens since the days of R.E.M. and Widespread Panic. Georgia Theatre has been supporting the music scene of Athens by hosting bands such as Rumors (A Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band), Oh Wonder, and Cold War Kids. As someone that is highly invested in the music scene, I can say that the Georgia Theatre is a great place for anyone looking for a good time.

For any vacation, one can’t leave out food. The food scene of Athens is characterized by fresh and natural fare. Some of the most popular restaurants in Downtown Athens include 5 Bar, The Last Resort, and Pauley’s. Athens is one of the main cultural hubs, not only of Georgia, but of the South East. I have heard it described as one of the classiest, friendliest, and most beautiful SEC towns to visit.

While many like to avoid the rush and traffic of gameday in the fall, the downtown area of Athens, Georgia is a hotspot for the good times and new trends in the South East. If you’re staying home for the summer, why not treat yourself to a vacation in your hometown?