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Slideshow: Spartans in Canada!

Photos courtesy of Holt Leach and Ms. Cashin

Students' comments and recommendations:

"I would tell [other students] to 100% go because 1) Travel is

amazing and I think if anyone has the chance to do it, they

should; and 2) because Quebec was a lot of fun and has a rich culture that we’re really lucky to experience and not have to

take a 10-hour flight." ―Moira Lockwood

"It really is a blast." ―Weston Rupert

"I really enjoyed the trip overall, as Quebec felt somewhat

similar to the US, but the French language gave it a totally

different and unique vibe" ―Holt Leach

"Both cities are very beautiful and unique. You are able to

experience the winter sports and immerse yourself in the

language" ―Grant Brown