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  • Eli Rogers

MS Spring Sports Wrap-Up

Spring sports for middle school were very successful. A variety of sports were played by lots of student athletes in 7th and 8th grade, like baseball, golf, track, and soccer. Many students tried sports for the first time and fell in love with it. Here are a few highlights from each team this year.

Baseball had a very successful season this year. The 20 boys on the team contributed to put a 12 win and 2 loss record together and an area championship. So many boys came out that Mr. Couch, the head coach, split the boys into 3 teams. The experienced 8th graders and a few 7th graders made the team that played every game. The others were split and each team played every other game. This led to successful roster stacked with loads of talent separated into teams that were very dangerous. They beat Bethlehem Christian and Prince Avenue in the area tournament to win it all. Here are a few facts about the season from this year. Fact 1: The team’s only losses of the season were to Lakeview Academy on the road 7 to 2 and to Commerce on the road 14 to 6. Fact 2: The team scored 23 runs at Bethlehem Christian and won by 8 during the season. Fact 3: In regular season play, Palmer Bush hit an inside the park home run. Fact 4: The boys that played Football, Basketball, and Baseball had a record of 33 wins and five losses. All in all, the baseball team will lose talent to high school next year but add talent from the rising seventh graders.

The Track and Field had an awesome year filled with excitement. The team only had five meets the whole entire season, but all of them were close and exciting. The girls had 20 participants this year and placed in the top 3 of overall points in every meet this season. The boys only had five participants come out, but had fun and gained experience as the year went on. To end, the track team had an amazing year and learned to throw a discus, how to use a stick to get over a bar (pole vault), run 1 mile, run 100 meters, and more.

The golf team had a great season with lots of fun. Many teams canceled on the Spartans, though. Prince Avenue canceled both of their matches against Spartans, Social Circle made the team reschedule the match against them, and Lake Oconee didn’t show up to one of the matches against Acad. With all the struggle and drama, the Spartans finished with a match record of 4 wins and only loss to Lake Oconee in the first match of the season. (It was supposed to be the 4th match of the year.) The Spartans did well in the Area tournament without their number 1 boys player (Eli Rogers) due to an arm injury. The Spartans brought out two teams and they finished third and fifth. Ally Buchanan and Meredith Bennett made all tournament team with both of them shooting a 75 (That’s really good if you don’t know golf.) To finish, the middle school team will miss the loss of eighth graders, but will add many sixth graders for next year.

The boys and girls soccer teams had outstanding years this year. The girls finished with a record of 10 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. Many girls came out this year and some tried it for the first the first time, but many had played soccer before. Coach Lockwood told the middle school at an assembly, “I am proud of these girls for their effort in practices and on the field. Most of these girls would go to 2 practices a day because of their club team having practice. I am proud of these girls and proud to be the coach of these girls.” The boys team also had a lot of success by going undefeated in 10 games with no ties. The team practiced very hard and play Prince in the first game of the season 11 to 1. What a great start! The Spartans won most of the games this year very easily, but will miss the 8th graders they are losing to high school. Coach Hovater will have many returning 7th graders and they will be looking for success next year

As a final, the Athens Academy middle school sports had a excellent year and Mr. Petroski and all of Athens Academy is looking forward to next fall!