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  • Caroline Kuhnert

ACAD Women's Basketball: Hard Work's Paid Off

The Athens Academy women’s basketball team has had their most success season in years! The team is led by their two seniors Gabby Mastandrea and Maddie Mccleary. They are currently 21-3 and are hoping to continue a winning streak as they enter the region tournament. They play Hebron in the first round, who they have beaten earlier in the season.

Gabby says, “The basketball team has improved tremendously throughout the past four years and it is owed all to the hard workout of the coaches and players.” The hard work has paid off: the team beat Prince and they are ranked #8 in the state of Georgia for class A. The ACAD team has been working hard and is ready to head into the State tournament strong.

Furthermore, head Coach Olson was named region 8A coach of the year!