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  • Abigail Springer

Mark Your Calendars for Luminaria!

Mark your calendars; Luminaria is right around the corner! Lumarinaria was created three years ago as a night to showcase and celebrate the fine arts departments of Athens Academy. This year, Luminaria will take place in the Bertelsmann Lobby at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 15th. The show consists of performances by the band and orchestra, poetry readings, translations of poetry, and an art exhibit.

As a performer in the orchestra, I can tell you we’ve put in lots of work―rehearsal started the first day back from Winter Break―and we can’t wait for people to see (or hear) our accomplishments. I’ve spoken with some of the other performers from Tri-M and a few poetry readers, and everyone is super excited, especially after the success of Luminaria last year.

The Bertelsmann lobby will be a great atmosphere, with lights, food, a stage, and audience seating. It’s a great night to support your friends, and it’ll be a light homework night! On behalf of all the performers, we would love to see you in the Bertelsmann Lobby on February 15th at 7:30 for a fantastic night of celebrating the fine arts!