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  • Kathryn Nichols

Procrastination: Some Timely Tips

Why do we do it?

People procrastinate for many different reasons. The main reasons people procrastinate is because they aren’t focused, they don’t have enough energy to do it, they are perfectionists, or they are afraid to fail. Some people are just not focused. They can not focus on the task ahead, so they don’t do it. Also, you might be exhausted. Without energy, not doing the task seems like the right thing to do. Next, you try to make everything absolutely perfect. You just need to get the task done. If it is not perfect, don’t quit. Lastly, it is very common for someone to be afraid to fail at something, so the need to do something declines.

What can we do about it?

Procrastination has to do with lack of planning most of the time. You need to plan for the future so you can push less important things to the back and more important things to the front. If you have lack of focus, make sure to set goals. Goals will give you something to focus on and look forward to. If you are exhausted, rest. You need to recharge and fuel up before you try to tackle your tasks. If you are being a perfectionist, just do your best. There isn’t such thing as a perfect job. You need to be happy with the outcome. Your perfect idea might be different from others anyway. If you are afraid of failure, just know failure isn’t fatal. You need to understand if you fail that it’s not the end of the world. Don’t think that you will fail, but know that it is okay if you do.

Even though you might procrastinate, it is not the end of the world. You can recover from it. There are many solutions and reasons other than these. Procrastination isn’t always the worst thing. It helps you put less important tasks to the back and more important to the front. Just remember to always plan for the future.