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  • Zainub Ali

Personal Fashion Interview: Eleanor Connolly

Zainub: Name three items that best represent your style

Eleanor: My floral embroidered jeans, my Tom’s wedges, and my mom’s flower cloisonne earrings from the eighties. They resemble my love for modern clothing and tomboy-girly girl side, as well as my respect for older yet unique touches one can mix into a more contemporary outfit.

Z: Where do you shop?

E: My favorite store is a place called Annawear up in Highlands, North Carolina and when we visit I always make sure to stop by. I also like shopping at places like Target, American Eagle, Forever XXI, Anthropologie, Francesca's, and a local place in Madison called Teal Couture. I honestly can find something I like everywhere.

Z: What is your opinion on changing styles?

E: I feel like changing styles is important in figuring out who you want to represent. I wasn’t all into fashion until this year where I have started expressing myself more and I have really liked the transition from my usual to something different and out of my comfort zone. Showing a bold side was something I was afraid of and I have really enjoyed figuring out my style the past few months.

Z: What is your favorite fabric/design?

E: Embroidery hands down. Whether it be on denim or a more silky fabric, it can add so much flair to an outfit and it’s so expressive and bold. Pairing a simple top or bottom with something embroidered can be such a fun combo and it can really reflect your personality.

Z: Anything else?

E: Don’t be afraid to try on something new you can’t see yourself wearing. Give everything a try and the product might surprise you!