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  • Jonas Barnes

8th Grade Drama: From Page to Stage

The project unit for the 8th grade at Athens Academy this semester was to write and produce their own plays. Three were to be selected for production. The playwrights were very creative with their ideas, making the voting process difficult. In the end, the plays Choices, Thief in the Mansion, and Miss Understood were selected to represent Ms. Moore’s 8th grade class. The students will participate in acting and directing these plays, as well as designing sets and costumes, and managing publicity.

The first play, Choices, features a teenaged boy by the name of Peter, played by Aidan Saeed, who is starting high school after being home schooled all of his life. He meets Taylor, played by Henry Crowder, who tries in vain to stop him from being influenced by two bad seeds, Ethan and Audrey, played by Will Hynes and Emmie Waugh. Different scenarios call for different choices. The question is, will Peter make the right choices? It was written by Harper Purcell, and Coleman Lowrance.

The second play, Thief in the Mansion, is a story about a mansion robbery. It is by Ethan Markewitz and Oliver Carrigan. Winchester, played by Oliver Carrigan, is an old, wealthy, British man who lives in his mansion with his butler Alfred, played by Cy Munday. Alfred does not like Winchester very much because he is a needy master, but he needs a high paying job so he stays with him. Mathew, played by Cooper Bowden, is a thief who wants to steal money from Winchester’s safe. The corgi, Bandit, played by Brennan Smith, is very suspicious of Mathew and causes some trouble for his plans.

The last play, Miss Understood, features Ivy, played by Annie Blanks, who is the youngest child of five and is often ignored by her older twin sisters, Allison and Alissa, played by Lanier West and Addie Middleton. Aside from her family issues Ivy is having trouble with her friend Amanda, played by Maddox Pugmire. To top it all off, Luke, her crush, played by Taylor Muir, just asked her to come over to his house to study, which she perceives as a date. But is it? Will Ivy finally figure out what is going on in the heads of the people around her?

These original plays will be in the Presentation Hall on Thursday Dec. 14th at 12:40pm. The performance is open to faculty and staff.