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  • Eleanor Connolly

The Geology Trip to the West was Unforgettable

Over the summer, Skip Trimpe, the eighth grade science teacher here at Athens Academy, leads a group of kids out to the West to study Geology. Last year, our group travelled out to Grand Teton National Park and studied the effects glaciers had on this beautifully sculpted landscape. This year, I was able to spend my second summer on this trip and what an experience it was: I was lucky enough to attend Yellowstone National Park with a wonderful group of students. The majority of this year’s students were rising freshman and I was fortunate to get to know them all well before their transition to high school.

Starting in mid-July, our group started off in the classroom studying the basics of Geology and reviewing the information we would need to know. Two days later, we departed for Atlanta to start off our trip by studying Arabia Mountain. The following day, we spent our morning flying out West to Boise, Idaho, where from there we travelled further west learning about everything there was to know. About a week later we headed back to Athens and took the exam, ending the course. There’s a lot more in there of course, but I don’t want to give everything about the trip away.

This Geology trip has been one of my all time favorite things at Athens Academy. It is an educational yet fun trip and if you have an interest in Geology after eighth grade, I would recommend signing up to go. I have made so many memories on this trip, including driving through the snow, spotting bears and listening to Bohemian Rhapsody, and late-night talks with the freshman girls. Mr. Trimpe is such a wonderful person for offering such a great course for anyone interested and I am thankful for the experiences I have now from this.