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Fashion Interview: Lillian Glushka

Spartan Review: Name three items that best represent your style.

Lillian Glushka: Bomber jackets, high tops/sneakers, and T shirt/sweatshirt dresses

SR: Where do you shop?

LG: I shop mostly online, at stores like Forever21 and Urban Outfitters (the sale section) and occasionally those kind of sketchy international sites where everything is abnormally underpriced.

SR: What is your favorite fabric/design?

LG: I don’t really have a favorite fabric or design, I just like being comfortable so I wear a lot of leggings and things like that.

SR: Anything else?

LG: Even though clothing seems like just another materialistic necessity, it’s actually really important in my opinion. You can tell so much from the way a person dresses, it’s just another way of expressing your personality. Whether you like to stand out or wear current trends that everyone else is wearing, you should wear what you are comfortable in. It’s cliché

, but just be yourself and try not to care what other people think about your style because you should spend your money on what you want to wear, not what others think is “normal” or appropriate.